Posters & Presentations

MITOPE Phase 2 study to evaluate the novel mitochondrial PRX3 inhibitor, RSO-021, as an intrapleural monotherapy and in combination with IV paclitaxel in patients with ...
4/9/24 San Diego, CA - ​First-in-class peroxiredoxin 3 (PRX3) inhibitor RSO-021 triggers mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition in mesothelioma
4/7/24 San Diego, CA - AACR Annual Meeting 2024 San Diego, USA Brian Cunniff presented ​Molecular/Cellular Biology and Genetics- Cellular Stress Responses 1
11/6/25 Boston, MA - Our Chief Scientist, Brian Cunniff, presented "Effects of RSO-021 on cytokine profiles of malignant pleural effusions from patients enrolled in the MITOPE phase 1/2 clinical trial"
10/14/23 Boston, MA - At AACR-Tri, George Naumov, Our COO presented our poster RSO-021, a First-in-class Covalent Inhibitor of Mitochondrial PRX3: From Bench to Bedside
6/26/23 LILLE, FR - A well attended symposium at the iMig International Conference. The RSO leadership team, along with the MITOPE Leicester clinical team, presented 3 case studies of RSO-021.
4/15/23 Orlando, FL - Chief Science Officer, Brian Cunniff, presented "Characterization of Immune Cell Phenotypes in Patient Derived Malignant Pleural Effusion Treated with Thiostrepton"
10/29/22 Paris, FR - RS Oncology successfully presented their first-in-human clinical trial poster at ESMO Congress 2022.